Tomales Bakery

Always fresh, always delicious & always packed - Tomales Bakery is a favorite among touring bicyclist & locals alike. The delightful staff will charm you in this tiny & intimate space where you can watch them baking away in the open kitchen - carefully making small batches of seasonal goodies & creative classics for a loyal customer base. Open until they run out - be sure to stop in early to get your hands on any of their fresh out of the oven treats. Favorites here include a corner slice of their Rosemary Focaccia Bread (seriously this one is a game changer!), the yummy Nutty Chocolate Shortbread & any of their seasonal Pizzettes.

*Locals Tip: If you are on your way out to the bakery & already know what you want - you can call ahead to reserve your favorites!

Nutty Chocolate Shortbread

Nutty Chocolate Shortbread | Guest Recipe fromTomales Bakery  |

Not your Mama’s shortbread! Easy to make & impressive to show - This recipe from Tomales Bakery is SO good you will go nutty over it’s sweet & simple ingredients.